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On the Great Wall
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By Penny Peng

Homesick for her native China, the author returned in 1957 after a decade in the United States (where she acquired her nickname). To modernize the country, Mao's regime was seeking educated Chinese expatriates to come home. Penny met and married Yao Tung-ping, who had been a professor of metallurgy in Europe. Now revered as one of the 50 greatest figures of the new China for his pioneering work in the nation's rocketry program, in 1968 Yao's education and Western ties cast suspicion on him during the Cultural Revolution. A mob of Red Guards beat him to death, and his widow fought the regime for many years to clear his name and punish the killers. This gripping story, now available in English, has sold over 10,000 copies in China.

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