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The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father
by Jim Wight

The author is the son of James Alfred (Alf) Wight, better known by the pen name of "James Herriot." This invaluable companion to the Herriot stories offers priceless insights into the man and his work, both as a vet and as an author. Indeed, Jim Wight joined the veterinary practice of Donald Sinclair (the "Siegfried Farnon" of the books) and Alf Wight in the 1960s, then took charge after both men died in 1995.

Jim Wight has no pretensions to being an author himself, but his dadís agent knew that such a memoir would be in great demand among the millions of Herriot fans. He succeeds nicely with a straightforward, dispassionate, and fact-driven account.

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