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An important but often overlooked sewing tool is the thimble. A cap shaped tool made of metal, wood, china, leather or plastic, the thimble fits over a sewer's fingertip to provide protection while hand sewing thick and/or dense-weaved cloth.

There are two main categories of thimbles:

Working tools

  • These are the everyday thimbles used to protect the user's fingers while working on a project
  • Thimbles sometimes come in sizes so you may want to have more than one thimble to fit various fingertips that might be used in your sewing.


  • Thimbles that are antiques and/or have unique designs such as Disney characters, state names, limited editions, or commemorative thimbles from advertising campaigns
    • When collecting thimbles look for sellers that have newsletters for learning more about thimble collecting
    • Consider joining a club that offers newsletters, books and catalogues to get more expertise in collecting

Whether you use your thimbles everyday or collect them, consider a thimble rack, display dome, or case to keep your thimbles in for easy accessibility and/or viewing.

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