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Bathtub Refinishing Franchises

One of the most expensive elements in bathroom remodeling is replacing an old, dull, worn, stained, or chipped bathtub. A professional bathtub refinishing / reglazing is faster and less expensive than replacing or recovering with a bathtub insert, and the work can be the foundation of your own small business because it can easily be accomplished by one person in one day..

When looking at bathtub refinishing / reglazing franchises, her are some tips:

  • Training - bathtub refinishing requires careful manual labor that is performed in the customer's home and uses toxic and explosive chemicals. The quality of the final product depends greatly on the care taken in preparation and following the proper procedures in the multiple step application of coats. For this reason, seek out a franchiser that provides formal hands-on training; apprenticeships, while a good enhancement to the training, should not be the sole form of training.
  • Supplies & Equipment - minimal equipment is required to enter this business. You will need some safety equipment (masks, etc.) and ventilation equipment. A number of companies make bathtub coatings, but each has its unique process and results, so use only those you are trained on. Oftentimes, the franchiser will be the coating manufacturer.
  • Marketing - an established name in the industry can help secure business, especially if the franchiser provides leads. Some companies that offer franchises are Miracle Method, Perma-Glaze, and Surface Specialists.

  • Licensing requirements - many states and localities require those engaged in home remodeling to be licensed. Check with the town/city, county, and state government for requirements in the area you intend to do work.

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