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High quality industrial shelving is a central feature of an efficient stockroom or supply room. Moreover, if you are in retail trade, attractive shelving in the public area of your store is vital to effective merchandising.

There are a wide variety of industrial shelving systems to choose from that range from purpose-built shelves for holding specific types of items (e.g., racks for automotive tires and dispensers for cans of soup) to those that are generic, (suitable for storing virtually any type of product, whether packaged or not).

Major considerations when choosing shelving are:

  • sturdiness of construction
  • flexibility to rearrange and reconfigure with relative ease as your needs change
  • ease of labelling
  • compactness (minimize unnecessary empty space below each shelf)
  • size (including height and depth)
  • appearance
  • accommodates bins or drawers, if desired

The classic example of flexible design is a system of shelves supported by brackets that, in turn, are hung on parallel vertical bars with slots in them. This arrangement allows for wide discretion in the relative placement of shelves, including the choice of their respective heights and of the space between them. Maximum flexibility comes with systems that are based upon relatively compact and lightweight modules that either support the shelving or, in effect, are the shelving.

if the shelves are for items with short expiration dates or which otherwise degrade with age (e.g.,

food, medicines, chemicals, etc.) and if you have adequate space for it, shelving restockable from behind is highly preferable. Otherwise, with traditional storage that is both emptied and restocked from the same side, there is a tendency for the oldest items to become “stuck” in the back, contributing to unnecessary spoilage and waste.

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