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Using Internet Advertising

For a company with an online presence, internet advertising is a powerful tool. You can reach thousands, if not millions, of people, and once you have their attention, they are just a mouse click away from your virtual doorstep.

Internet advertising is basically of four types:

  • e-mail - pulling off a good e-mail campaign can be difficult. For one, it is easy to run afoul of Federal anti-spamming regulations, and even if you follow the rules, many of your potential customers may be turned off by what they perceive as an unwanted intrusion. If you decide to use e-mail, many reputable companies offer demographically sorted "opt-in" lists for rent on a per name basis, and many will handle the mechanics of sending your e-mail as well. However, unless your list is well targeted and your pitch compelling, expect low response rates
  • popunder / popover to your site - this type of advertising opens a new window directed at your site when someone visits another site. Often times viewed as annoying, these ads can deliver high volumes of visitors to a page where you have far more capability to pitch your product or service than other types of advertising. Expect the yield from this type of visit to be extremely low, with the yield often depending on the type of site that generates your window
  • pay per impression - typically seen in the form of banner ads, pay per impression campaigns do not track closely with visits to your site since you are paying to have your message appear on the page, not to have a visitor sent. They do allow you to reach a large audience, but the click through rates are relatively low. Many programs allow you to limit your impressions to certain broad geographic groups.
  • pay per click - one of the best ways to match advertising expense with interested visitors. Typically appearing on search engines result pages, pay per click ads are free until clicked by a visitor, who is then redirected to your site. Most programs allow you to bid on particular keywords so that your ads only appear before an audience of interest.

Many companies make online advertising easy for the do-it-yourselfer, but you may find it much more efficient and effective to turn to a professional for help setting up your first few campaigns.
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