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Label Printers

If your business is going to be warehousing different types of products, packaging your own products for sale, or shipping items, consider buying a label printer -- a dedicated printing device that produces individual, professional appearing labels. While you can always load a sheet of pressure sensitive labels into a PC inkjet printer, dedicate label printers can speed up the labelling process and save you money on misplaced or misdirected goods.

There are three common types of labels (excluding filing type labels):

  • stock (or inventory) labels - these labels are designed to identify the contents of a box, package, or bag. Usually, they also contain a barcode.
  • pricing labels - for marking price; state statutes also require that some items include information on weight and unit pricing as well.
  • address labels - for identifying the destination of packages or boxes to be mailed or shipped.
When choosing a label printer for one or more of these applications, consider these features:

  • ability to print the size label you need
  • ability to print a graphic (and perhaps color) logo or other identifying information (such as a colored index label)
  • ability to print barcodes
  • speed of the printer and any drying time to prevent smudging of the label
  • print technology (thermal, thermal transfer, laser, or inkjet) and cost of supplies

Unless you will be dedicating the printer to a particular operation, look for compatibility with standard office PC hardware (usually via a USB connection) and software.
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