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Office Chairs - Ergonomic Desk Chairs

Perhaps the most important piece of office furniture is the chair you sit in almost every hour of your working day. Ergonomic chairs promote comfort and support and can help you feel less tired at the end of the day. They can help prevent back and hip pain. These chairs come in a wide variety of models and prices. Aerons, Mirras, Leaps, Girsbergers, Bodybilts and Freedoms are leading brand names. All of these can easily be ordered on line.

The following should be considered when buying an ergonomic desk chair:

  • The chair should have a high, wide contoured back that takes the weight off your lower spine.
  • Arm rests should be wide and soft.
  • A sloped front seat edge will relieve pressure on the thighs and reduce restriction of leg circulation.
  • Make sure the suspension system will evenly distribute weight. The chair should rock back comfortably. It should also lock in a forward tilting position for proper support when using the keyboard.
  • The backrest and seat should move together for correct support in all positions.
  • The chair should be adjustable:
    • the seat should adjust for height.
    • the arm rests should adjust for height and angle.
    • the head rest should adjust for height.
  • Chairs with more than four feet will be more stable.
  • For maximum comfort order the chair with an air lumber support.

Almost all desk chairs have castors. If you intend to use the chair on carpeting, order hard castors; however, soft castors are better for hard wood floors.
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