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Online Stores

Online stores range from quick, easy, and inexpensive to massive,complex, and expensive. The type of Internet store you have will depend on your objectives, the type of product or services you are selling, the complexity of your inventory, and whether you want to establish a competitive advantage through your website's technology.

Your choices include

  • Business card type page that like a phone directory listing, provides static information about your company. These sites are of little use and often are not worth the effort to create them.
  • Stores offered through "electronic malls" such as eBay, web hosting companies, and financial institutions. Those company usually provide easy to use (but limited function) tools that enable you to build your storefront quickly. They often charge "rent" for the website and a portion of the transaction

    in exchange for their services. Many times, the website address contains their name as well (e.g.,, which may be helpful or detract from the professional appearance of your website.
  • Customized websites.

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