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Remote Secretarial Services

If you have a computer, an Internet connection, and basic office secretarial skills but you are unable to leave home for a traditional work day, consider going into business for yourself doing remote secretarial services. Small companies that do not have a staff to cover lunch time, short vacations, absences, or sudden surges in work are in need of reliable part time workers who can help them for a few hours on short notice.

Among the services you can offer:

  • Call handling - By having a dedicated phone line with call waiting, you can have customers forward their number to yours to handle calls when they can't. You can then send the call information back to them via e-mail or in a turnover phone call at the end of your shift.
  • Dictation - by attaching a recorder to your business line, you can have clients leave you memos and other dictation for you to type up and email back. If your client is technically sophisticated, they can send you an audio file over the Internet. Lengthier work can be sent overnight to you for next day processing.

Advertise your services by making a few visits to small companies and explain how you can help. Keep your fees attractively low until you've established your reputation for quality work and dependability. And remember to keep the kids and baby out of earshot: otherwise it will ruin your professional image.

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