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Search Engine Positioning

One of the best and lowest cost ways to advertise your business is with a web site, since web listings are rapidly replacing the traditional yellow pages. The cost to publish your web site is small and it can be accessed by potential customers around the world. However, customers need to be able to find your web site, and this is a daunting task unless they know the name of the site.

Search engines provide the best index to your site, so what you need is for your site to appear in the listings when someone searches on a word or phrase that is relevant to your business. Many companies are in the business of recommending how to "optimize" the layout and content of your web pages to make them "search engine friendly" and so to increase the likelihood of a high ranking.

Here are some tips when seeking s search optimization company:

  • search engine positioning is an art, not a science, so make sure you understand exactly what the company is offering and their satisfaction policy. Find out if the company makes the changes or just makes recommendations.
  • study their references to see what kind of success they have had in the past; it is easy to appear near the top of extremely narrow or arcane searches, and very hard for common terms
  • being listed in a search engine is only the first step; it's essential that your listing

    appear in the first few entries for the keyword searches that your potential customers are likely to perform. Being in Google but at position number 20 or more is relatively worthless
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