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Walk In Refrigerators / Freezers

If your business sells a large volume of fresh food or other items that need to be kept cold, you should consider the advantages of building or buying a walk in refrigerator / freezer. Virtually any storage space can be converted into a customized walk-in refrigerator or freezer by a qualified refrigeration contractor’s assembling the exterior shell, insulation, interior shelving, cooling mechanism, and drainage for condensation.

If the required refrigerated space will not fit within your building, you may place it outside. In that case, you have several other considerations:

  • If access will be from outside, the door must lock to prevent unauthorized access.
  • If access will be from inside your building, the refrigeration unit effectively will become an extension that is entered through an opening to be cut in an exterior wall.
  • The unit must withstand acts of vandalism or accidental bumps by vehicles.
  • The unit must be impervious to weather, such as heavy rain or snow.
  • Local building ordinances may come into play, such as those that restrict your ability to add outbuildings on your property or extensions to your main building.

For efficient and safe usage of your walk-in refrigerator or freezers, there are several considerations:

  • Do not store dry ice inside. Dry ice will deplete oxygen and create a hazard for users.
  • The latch mechanism should allow someone trapped inside to open the door and escape.
  • Clearly label all items stored inside and develop a system that makes it easy to find the goods when you need them.
  • Place rubber mats on the floors to improve traction and reduce slips and falls from frost.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

Before buying a unit or having a custom refrigerated space built for you, understand the projected operating expenses, including electricity usage and maintenance.

Also, discuss in advance the insurance implications with your insurer or insurance agent. A walk-in refrigerator or freezer may create certain hazards in the eyes of your insurer, resulting in increased premiums; any increase may also depend on the design that you choose.

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