The Game of Baseball
Baseball is played with two teams of nine players on a level field with three bases, a home plate, and a pitcher's mound. A backstop behind the catcher helps keep wild pitches and tipped pitches in play and spectators out of danger of a direct hit.

In addition to a field suitable for play, baseball requires the following equipment:
  • a baseball. Because they can be damaged when hit, several balls are usually required during the course of a game
  • at least one bat. Bats come in a range of sizes and weights to match the abilities of the player
  • gloves for the team playing defense. While a standard glove can be used in all positions, specialty gloves such as a catcher's mitt, first baseman's glove, and left-handed gloves are available.
Additional equipment such as a catcher's mask and batter's helmet decrease the risk of being hurt by a fast moving ball.

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