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Major League baseballs are the standard for baseballs. They have a standard size (9 to 9.25 inch circumference), although youth leagues may use a slightly larger ball.

The basic difference among baseballs is in the cover material, the stitching, and the core:
  • Baseballs are available in leather and synthetic covers. Leather baseballs are the standard, are more durable, and maintain their shape better. However, a synthetic cover stays cleaner and is less expensive, making it a consideration for a practice ball.
  • Rolled stitching keeps the ball's profile smoother and more aerodynamic; rolled stitching is the standard. Raised stitching balls are also available; the raised stitching catches the air better than a rolled stitched ball thus making it easier to control when teaching pitching.
  • A baseball has many layers below the cover. At the core is a cork ball that is wrapped in rubber and then with thread. The standard is at least 85% wool in the thread so that the ball retains its shape after being hit. Different cores (such as a rubber ball) or lower wool content in the thread are used in lower priced balls, but these may not hold up to high impacts.

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