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Baseball Bats
Baseball bats are the element of baseball that has seen the most technological advancement. Although wood bats are the only acceptable bat for Major League Baseball play, aluminum, graphite, and titanium lined bats are popular in other leagues. If you are considering a metal bat, check the applicable rule book before buying one.


A Major League Baseball must be 42 inches or shorter and not more than 2.75 inches in diameter. Most bats are between 24 and 34 inches with the 34 inch size recommended for players over 16 or over 5' 9" and 170 pounds.


A heavy bat is hard to swing, but if you have the upper body strength, a heavy bat can hit the ball farther. However, a heavy bat is hard to control and more dangerous if thrown.


In addition to wood, bats are made from aluminum, graphite, and titanium. Aluminum (actually aluminum alloy) bats are lighter than their wood counterparts but they are far more durable. More exotic metals such as graphite and titanium are added to aluminum to further enhance its lightness and reduce "ball shock," the vibration that occurs when a metal bat strikes the ball.

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