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Remember when we were kids and a bike was a bike? Usually one speed (three speeds if it was really fancy), your bike was heavy enough to pin you to the ground if it fell on you. Now there is a specialty bike for just about every taste and endeavor. Here are some of the most common bikes available today:

  • Road Bikes – Lightweight construction, sleek, aerodynamic and expensive. Road bikes are for serious riders who intend to bike for long distances, like the Tour de France.
  • Mountain Bikes – Built for durability with a wide price range. These bikes are built to travel off-road, over rough, rocky trails like a mountain goat.
  • Hybrids – A cross of a mountain bike and a road bike, hybrids combine durability and comfort. A hybrid bike is an excellent selection for pleasure, fitness and/or commutes under ten miles.
  • Sport Bikes – A cross between a touring and a racing bike. They are light enough for speed but comfortable enough to ride over long distances.
  • Recumbent Bikes - On a “bent”, the rider is seated in a semi-reclining position and powered by pedaling with the legs or arms. A good selection for someone who cannot tolerate the seated or hunched position of a regular bike, or the hand-crank model for a person who cannot use his or her legs.
  • BMX Bikes- Designed for racing over jumps and around berms in the dirt. These bikes are built like a motocross dirt bike and are light and designed for speed.
  • Freestyle Bikes – A nimble, distant cousin to the BMX bikes, a freestyle bike is the bike of choice for riding at skateparks and/or for pleasure.
  • Dirt Jumper - Designed for flight, “jumpers” are more durable than a BMX and lighter than a freestyle bike.

  • Tandem Bikes – The classic “bicycle built for two”, this is a great way for two people to ride one bike.

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