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Hockey attire includes a jersey (called the sweater until relatively recently, because this really was a sweater in the old days of outdoor play) and socks.

Jerseys are normally made of polyester (the age of cotton passed a few decades back), but come in several grades of material:

  • Pro jerseys are the same quality of fabric used by pro teams.
  • Replica jerseys are lighter-weight and less expensive versions of the above. They normally are more than durable enough for use in recreational play.

Pro, college, high school and other serious amateur teams will have socks to match the jerseys, and the pants, gloves and helmets will be of a common color scheme. Teams have two sets of jerseys and socks: one is "white," the other "dark" or "color." The same gloves and pants are worn in all games. The pros tend to have both "white" and "dark" helmets, but colleges and other amateur teams do not (for cost reasons).

If you play in a league, you'll be issued a jersey (maybe a pair of white and dark jerseys, in some leagues) for your team. In recreational leagues, this tends to be a cheap polyester mesh. The rest of the players' gear will be a crazy quilt of colors.

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