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Until the last two decades, this was a variant almost completely confined to some neighborhoods of New York City. The big boost to its wider acceptance was the development of in-line roller skates in the early 1970s. When quantum leaps were made in the quality of these skates in the late 1980s, they became the standard skate for roller hockey, displacing the traditional roller skate with 4 wheels set in a rectangular pattern.

Indeed, as in-line skating gained popularity in California and other warm-weather locales, many in-line skaters took to roller hockey as made-to-order application for their skills.

Given the faster pace of this game than street hockey played in sneakers, and the greater chance for spills, roller hockey demands protective gear more similar to than work

in ice hockey. Shin guards, elbow pads and hockey gloves are pretty much a must, and helmets are most advisable (mandatory in formal leagues). Some players prefer to use ice hockey sticks, while others find street hockey sticks more practical.

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