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Power Skating
Before even considering playing hockey, you have to become a proficient skater. You really need coaching to learn the basic techniques:
  • skating forward
  • turning
  • pivoting
  • stopping
  • starting quickly
  • skating backwards
  • maintaining balance after body contact

Perhaps you can have a friend
who is an adept skater spend a lot of time with you. Oftentimes, you should consider some professional instruction, either in a class or individually. You will learn drills to improve your technique.

Indeed, skating clinics and skating camps are advisable for skaters at all levels of skill, both as refreshers and to move to the next level. Even experienced hockey players can benefit from Laura Stamm's treatise on Power Skating or from the clinics that she and her staff offer. She pioneered

teaching scientific skating technique to NHL players in the 1970's, and also was perhaps the very first woman to instruct professional male athletes in how to improve their game.

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