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Women's hockey was a tiny fringe sport only two decades ago. It became established in the Olympics during the 1990s, and a number of colleges field excellent teams that play a very skillful and entertaining brand of the sport.

This interest in women's hockey has cascaded downward, as more and more hockey programs for young girls have developed. Where interest among girls is insufficient to support whole teams and whole leagues, boys' teams often will welcome and accommodate girls as participants. In leagues for small children, where body checking is limited and the kids are too small to get hurt anyway, coed play is increasingly accepted. The same is true in recreational adult leagues and open hockey sessions, where body contact is limited or prohibited by mutual consent. This macho sport has become remarkably welcoming of women in the ranks.

Women or girls who wish to get started in hockey should look for clinics and camps tailored to their needs.

As noted in the section on protective equipment, the increasing number of female players has led to the development of special protective gear that meets their needs.

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