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Kite Surfing

The popularity of kitesurfing has grown tremendously in the last few years. An experienced kitesurfer can perform amazing tricks, and the most talented ones can use waves to jump over 30 feet into the air. It attracts people of all ages and abilities, some coming from windsurfing or snowboarding and others who are just eager to try to master this exotic looking sport and to attempt to fly.

Kitesurfing is not a sport to try on your own. Lessons are a must, and they usualy provide the necessary equipment. One should master the basics of kite handling before attempting to sail. Note also that trainer kites are available for very little, and they will help you practice flying the kite from the beach or a wide open space.

If, after taking lessons, you decide kitesurfing is your thing and want to invest in the equipment, the conditions where you anticipate sailing along and your abilities will dictate what equipment is most appropriate for you.

The necessary equipment is fairly limited: the kite (with its lines), a board, a harness, and a pump to inflate the kite. For safety, a helmet and an impact vest are highly recommended.

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