Ski Lessons
For the beginner, ski lessons are a must, as it is virtually impossible to learn to ski on your own without some expert instruction. Unless you have a really good friend who is both a good coach and willing to spend the time with you on nearly level ground rather than tearing down the double diamond moguls, your best bet is to enroll in the beginner class at a ski area.

The fewer people in the class, the more likely you are to get personalized instruction. Look for uncrowded ski areas or try to learn midweek and during a non-holiday period when fewer people are likely to be in your class. Classes that can guarantee you in advance a maximum number of participants are worth seeking, but typically are hard to find.

Skiing wrongly can be dangerous to yourself and hazardous to others, so make sure you are being taught by a qualified teacher, such as a member of the National Ski Patrol.

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