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Squash Balls
Squash balls come in a variety of colors and firmness to meet the requirements of different playing levels. Traditionally, the characteristics of a ball were identified by with color dots on the balls.

Dunlop, the major maker of squash balls, has recently introduced a new standardized range of squash balls:
  • Revelation Pro XX - the traditional-sized black ball for professional play. It retains the traditional double yellow dot marking.
  • Revelation Competition XT - same size as the Pro XX but with more bounce that allows it to hang in the air 10% longer. It can be identified by a single yellow dot.

  • Max Progress - 6% larger than the Pro XX, this ball requires no warm-up for it to reach its playing characteristics. The ball is designed for recreational play with a 20% longer 'hang time' than the Pro XX.
  • Max - 12% larger and with 40% greater 'hang time' than the Pro XX, this ball needs no warm-up and is perfect for beginners.

Dunlop Revelation Pro Squash Ball (DZN)

Dunlop Revelation Pro Squash Ball (DZN)

The official ball of the World Squash Federation, Professional Squash Association, and Women s International Squash Players Association. The only ball used in all international professional competitions. Perfect for professional, club and league players. 2 yellow dots. Professional standard hang-time. Traditional size. Sold in dozens only.

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