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Professional surfers choose surfboards like golfers choose clubs: surfboards are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes (six to ten feet in length and varying widths and thickness), materials, and finishes. Each combination yields different riding and handling characteristics, so a pro will choose a board depending on the wave conditions and their ability.

While a pro is interested in boards that are lightweight, fast, maneuverable, and strong enough to withstand punishment (it is not unusual for a pro to break a surfboard will surfing), the beginner may want to focus their search on a light, thick, and wide board because they are easier to learn on and ride better in weak waves.The original boards were made of wood, but today's high tech boards are made from epoxy resins to reduce their weight and increase their strength.

Finally, consider buying a surfboard cover to protect your board from damage while travelling, sun damage, or just nicks and scratches while storage.

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