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Tennis Balls
Tennis balls have a wide variety of acceptable characteristics (felt, speed, and core) that perform differently on different court. Most premium tennis balls are sold in pressurized extra duty, regular duty, and high altitude versions, which represent the most common mix of characteristics.

Here's more detail on the variations:
  • As the name suggests, extra duty tennis balls are constructed with felt that can withstand better the abrasion of hitting a hard court surface; however, an extra duty ball used on a clay court will get too fluffy, so manufacturers offer the regular duty balls as well.
  • Although there are four speed categories (slow, medium, fast, and high altitude), most balls sold are medium, which meets most of the requirements of both players and court surfaces.
  • Balls can be pressurized or not, but most balls are pressurized. Once removed from their pressurized container, these balls lose their pressure in a few weeks, so keep some unopened cans on hand.

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