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Trainer Kites for Kitesurfing

Although many kitesurfers will tell you that the sport is not as difficult as it appears, they will also tell you that lessons are critical to learning safety basics. So, if you are eager to get the feel of the sport and cannot wait for your first lesson or perhaps you think (and rightfully so) that practicing flying a smaller kite will accelerate the learning process, a trainer kite is the way to go.

A trainer kite is a smaller replica of the kites used in kitesurfing. The advantages of using a trainer kite are:

  • They are designed to be used on land so that you can concentrate on handling the kite without also having to worry about balancing on the board and the direction you may be headed.
  • Trainer kites can give you a good sense of how to maneuver the kite -- the so called “power zone” – at a fraction of the cost of a “real” kite.
  • They are a simpler design that leads to better affordability. They typically use only two lines (though some do have four) to connect the spreader bar (that you hold) to the kite. Like their full-size siblings, they are rectangular in shape, but do not have inflatable parts (bladders) that help maintain the kite’s shape.
  • Because of their durability, you can probably sell your trainer kite after you are done experimenting with it.

Keep in mind that to fly a trainer kite (just like for any other kite), you will need a good amount of space (stay clear of power lines, trees, etc.) and a steady breeze.

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