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The volleyball is the basic piece of equipment for the sport of volleyball. While a net and court are required to play a game, a volleyball can be used alone for practice and refining of one's skills in addition to the playing of a game.

Volleyballs come in a wide variety of weights, materials, and appearances. Since volleyball play is governed by many different sets of rules, be sure to consult the rule book you intend to use before buying equipment.

Features to Consider
  • weight - while most rule books specify the same ball weight for indoor and outdoor play, experienced players prefer a heavier ball outdoor to reduce the effect of wind. Depending on the material used to make the ball, it's weight can change; leather balls, for example, absorb and retain moisture, which will add to their weight outdoors.
  • materials - leather of varying grades and synthetic leather. The most expensive balls are made from premium cowhide and offer a great feel, durability, and shape retention. Second to leather balls are microfiber or composite synthetic balls. The lowest quality and price balls are PVC (poly vinyl chloride).
  • appearance - since most rule books do not specify the appearance of the ball (or specifically state that there is no requirement), manufacturers offer a wide range of eye catching colors and patterns.

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