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Volleyball Nets
The volleyball net divides the court into two equal halves. The net is held up by a pole at each end and the edge of the court is marked by an optional antenna.

Volleyball play is governed by many different sets of rules. Be sure to consult the rule book you intend to use before buying equipment.

Features to Consider
  • length - volleyball nets come in 27, 30, and 32 foot lengths to reflect different court dimensions, which can be up to 30' wide.
  • width top to bottom - 39 or 36 inches; the width dimension is usually not critical (unless specified by your pole manufacturer) since most rules only specify the distance from the top of the net to the ground.
  • netting material - nylon or thread polyethylene
  • edge - vinyl or vinyl coated nylon
  • top support - either a steel or rope cable is sewn into the edge of the net. The best nets use steel in both the upper and lower tape to resist stretching while allowing sufficient tension to keep the net from sagging more than 3/4" between the edge and center of the court
  • side support - either a wooden dowel rod or additional straps to keep the net flat and rectangular( dowels are preferred).

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