The Sport of Windsurfing
how to windsurf
Windsurfing is great fun. Like sailing, it provides the satisfaction of skimming the water with even a gentle breeze, quietly and without pollution. It is the perfect activity for anyone who is active, in good physical shape, has a sense of balance, and loves the water. Think of it as "personal sailing." Although some of the spectacular images of the sport may be intimidating, the sport is for all ages. Kids 5 or 6 may start with kids' equipment, and it is no longer uncommon to see windsurfers enjoying the sport well into their 60s and 70s.

To windsurf, all you need is water, a windsurfing board and sail, and a breeze. If you live near the shore or a large body of water, check for local rental companies, sailing associations, or windsurfing shops that rent equipment. If the water or equipment are not available locally, consider a vacation to a place with warm weather, warm water and a breeze. A number of resorts and vacation clubs that cater to the "active" vacationer offer windsurfing equipment and lessons. If you have a family, you can find packages that will also offer child care and all sorts of alternative activities for teenagers - unless they join you for windsurfing fun.

Lessons are useful, although some people can quickly learn by themselves. The combination of balancing yourself on the board, holding the sail against the wind, and steering makes lessons an important starting point for most people. Again, resorts, clubs, and even local associations may provide lessons by the hour or a multi-session package. These are also often great opportunities to make new friends.

Whether trying locally or on vacation, you can have fun by yourself or with others.

Note that it is important to have somebody keeping an eye on you (see safety). If you get tired, the wind dies or something breaks (a rare occurrence), there should be somebody able to provide you help.

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