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Windsurfing Gifts
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There are quite a few great gift ideas for the occasional and regular windsurfer.

  • Think of caps for wind and sun protection, lycra shirts to prevent skin abrasion and sunburns on arms and shoulders. Also goggles or sunglasses can complete the look.
  • For the technically inclined windsurfer, a wind meter can help determine whether it is time to rig, or what size sail to rig. Another interesting gadget is the portable GPS. Some units are waterproof, and nothing gets the speed-loving windsurfer happier than boasting about his or her maximum speed on that last run.
  • For advanced windsurfers that venture in very windy conditions, a helmet may be a good addition.
  • Gloves can be a life saver for the tender skin of the occasional windsurfer.

Finally, windsurfing stores carry a variety of DVDs and videos, and if you do not have a local shop, a number of retailers have web sites that offer plenty to chose from.

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