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Windsurfing Safety
how to windsurf
Besides the most important rule (not to windsurf without somebody else keeping an eye on you), a number of other items may deserve your attention.

Depending on what is at the bottom of the water, water shoes or slippers may be necessary. Some areas are notorious for shells or glass and you should inquire before going barefooted.

The combination of direct sunlight and reflection on the water and sail can be powerful, and so it is a good idea to use some sun protection.
  • If you opt for sunscreen lotion, try to keep if off of the equipment as any oily residue could make things very tricky.
  • Lycra shirts have recently gained in popularity for sun protection. They offer a tight but comfortable fit that does not restrict movements (and will also reveal your newly acquired muscles).
  • Sunglasses (these should be secured) may add to your comfort. They certainly will help reduce the glare from the sun on the water, but they may also protect your eyes from the spray as you start planing.

  • Finally, if hair no longer covers your head, a hat may be in order. Wind will probably keep you from feeling the sun and it may be too late before you realize you got sunburned.

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