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Water in China

Travellers to China should be careful not to drink the water in order to avoid intestinal illnesses that could spoil the trip. Sources of drinkable water are, however, abundant, so you need not worry about problems getting clean water.

Here are our tips on water:

  • Any variety of bottled water should be fine, just make sure the water has the original seal. Bottle water is available in many shops, food markets, and food stalls. The price varies but is very inexpensive -- often less than $0.25 (USD) per bottle.
  • Boiled water used in tea should be fine as is true for canned drinks.
  • Do not use tap water for brushing teeth. Rinse your mouth and toothbrush in bottled water.
  • Avoid any drinks with ice unless you are confident that the ice was prepared from clean water.
  • Avoid any foods rinsed in water as more than likely, non-drinkable water was used.

Bathing in the water is fine, however, so long as it does not get into your mouth.

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