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New York to Florida by Train

As of September, 2005, there were two direct trains from New York's Penn Station to Miami: the Silver Star, which departs shortly before lunch, and the Silver Meteor, which departs mid-afternoon. Both trains arrive in Miami around dinner time the next day.

Sitting in a coach seat for 26-30 hours while the train rumbles southward may not be your idea of a great trip, but remember, this is a train, so there are no seatbelts and plenty of room to stretch your legs as you walk from car to car. if you are willing to pay for a private cabin with a bed, this train becomes a rolling hotel that can make for a grand experience.

There's not much to see as you pass through the Northeast Corridor, but once you get south of Washington, the coastal scenery improves. The earlier train allows for more scenery seeing -- as far as North Carolina in the summer, before darkness sets in. Daylights greets the earlier train in Jacksonville, Florida, while the later train, closing fast, greets the morning one stop north, around the lowlands of Savannah, Georgia.

If you're heading for a cruise ship departure from Miami, plan to stay overnight. Both trains arrive later than most ship departures, and even if you have a late cruise departure, there is that incessant problem of late trains. Worrying about connections can take the fun out of the trip, so plan a nice, long overnight buffer.

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