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Xi'an Sights

In addition to the Terra Cotta Warriors, which are located outside of town, there are some sights worth seeing in town. Here are our suggestions:

  • The major attractions to see are
    • the Big Wild Goose Pagoda
    • the Small Wild Goose Pagoda
    • the City Wall
    • the Bell Tower
    • the Drum Tower
  • Distances can be deceptively long and taxi's are cheap. Start with the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and use a taxi to travel between pagodas and on to the city wall. Taxis are plentiful, so you don't need to hire one for the day. Once at the wall, you can walk a few blocks to reach the Bell and Drum Towers.
  • The city wall is worth a visit to appreciate its size, height, and strength. If the weather is nice, consider renting a bicycle (available on top of the wall) and riding along on top of the wall.
  • If you are looking for paper cuts, brushes, embroidery, or paintings, skip the gift shops and stop by the shops on the side street just north east of the city wall's south gate. You'll find a wider selection at bargain prices.

Sample Itinerary
One Day Visit: Begin your visit at the Big Goose Pagoda and then work your way north seeing the sights listed on the left. Grab lunch around the south gate of the city wall.
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